One Adelaide Council Is Looking At Putting Up Its Rates By 10 Per Cent

Jun 12, 2019


The local council considering a huge rate hike has undermined arguments against the need for capping, says David Penberthy.

On Wednesday’s FIVEaa Breakfast show David and Will addressed an Adelaide Plains Council plan to increase rates by 10 per cent.

Penbo said during Breaking @ 8:

“The bottom line in all of this… it’s not acceptable for the LGA and for Labor and for SA Best to say overall rates aren’t going up that much…

“Even if that’s true, in some areas, i.e. the Adelaide Plains Council, they’re going up by 10 per cent. You can’t just wash your hands of the opposition to the whole question of rate capping and say overall it doesn’t matter.

“Well, you can say it but you wouldn’t want to say it if you were talking to someone in a pub in two wells.”