Olympic Champ Sticks Up For Athlete Who Ran Past Collapsed Rival

Apr 16, 2018


Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Glynis Nunn says she’s disappointed at criticism of Australian runner Michael Shelley for failing to check on rival Callum Hawkins who collapsed during the marathon on Sunday.

“Michael’s in there as a competitor,” Nunn told FIVEaa on Monday. “He’s in there to win.

“He was going back-to-back from Glasgow -- he had one thing on his mind, which was to run and to run really well. As a runner… I would think that there were people around me that would look after that person.

“Serious? That really disappoints me…

“I would never be critical of Michael. You’ve got to think of the time and the effort people put into their training. It’s not a minor competition.”