Ollie Wines Talks Openly About His Outburst On The Bench

May 10, 2019


Port Adelaide co-captain says he was “disappointed” when TV cameras caught him distraught on the bench during the club’s loss to Collingwood last weekend.

Ollie told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday:

“It was probably a combination of incidents throughout the game where I was disappointed with what I did. I think that came on the end of an errant handball that turned over and we had a goal scored against us. I think it was a combination of moments that got to that point.

“I’ve got to get a little bit better as a leader not to show my emotions in correspondence to the score as much.

“You’ve got to show vulnerability at times but at the same time I think as a leader I’ve got to be strong and bold -- not all the time -- but probably in moments like that I’ve got stand up a little bit more.”