Ollie Wines Has Been Testing His Injured Shoulder Against A Former Crows Heavyweight

Mar 29, 2019


Port Adelaide co-captain Ollie Wines says he has put his injured shoulder through the wringer with a former Adelaide Crows hard man.

Ollie told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday:

“I’ve been doing contact for a couple of weeks now and Tuesday arvo I had a really good contact session with Scotty Thompson, obviously ex Crows, hard as a cat’s head and he was banging me around.”

But he’s still not quite ready to return to the AFL.

“It feels as strong as ever,” Ollie said. “I probably exceeded any tackling and marking that I’d have to do. It’s more so the unexpected things like falling on the ground or having to roll onto your shoulder on the ground that you can’t really prepare for that take a little bit of time.

“Hopefully next week. I’m ruled out for this week, there was just a little bit too much risk involved in playing still so I’m on ice. I’ll have a big session tomorrow to prepare me for next week.”

Thompson played 269 games for Adelaide FC and is now a Port Adelaide midfield development coach.