New GM Plan Is The “Ultimate Insult” To Australia

Feb 21, 2020


General Motors is considering taking prized Holden memorabilia back to the United States after it announced this week that it was retiring the brand in Australia, reports FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

During Friday’s Breaking @ 8 segment Penbo said the move was the “ultimate insult”:

“I can’t actually believe General Motors are doing this…

“Apparently General Motors is sending out an American archivist who is coming out with the clipboard to rifle through all the special collections of Holden cars, special models and prototypes, and also Holden memorabilia that are housed both in Melbourne at Fishermans Bend and also here in Elizabeth.

“So some bloody archivist from Detroit has come over here thinking, well, as part of our closure of Holden we’re going to go through what they regard as their intellectual property with a view to taking it back to the United States…

“That would really be the ultimate insult when you consider all of the Australian creativity and thought and effort that went into the development of so many different vehicles, the crafting of advertising campaigns -- if that ends up in a museum in Detroit… this would be our Elgin Marbles moment if this were to happen…

“This is part of our cultural heritage and Detroit should keep their dirty hands off of it.”