More Child Sex Offenders Could Be Named Following Vivian Deboo’s Conviction

Dec 5, 2018


Additional abusers associated with convicted paedophile Vivian Deboo could be outed after Deboo was sentenced to prison on Tuesday, reports David Penberthy.

“I just want to flag something in the case if Vivian Frederick Deboo,” Penbo told FIVEaa breakfast on Wednesday.

“What happened yesterday in court is not the end of the line. My understanding is when the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Child Abuse was underway apparently there was evidence heard about other men associated with Deboo who worked at these Christian youth camps…

“And it sounds like there is evidence that goes beyond Deboo and involves other individuals…

“My understanding is that there is more that is yet to emerge about this and it might emerge within the next week or so. When it does we will be following that story very closely… there may yet be other men are called to account over what happened down there.”