Minister Admits The Cost Of Final South Rd Upgrade Could Go Past $5 Billion

Feb 11, 2019


Transport Minister Stephan Knoll says fixing the final piece of South Rd could go beyond the $5 billion figure reported in the media -- but the government won’t resort to tolls.

Mr Knoll spoke on Monday’s FIVEaa breakfast show about the plan to upgrade the part of South Rd between the River Torrens and Darlington.

“We took to the election a pretty clear policy of not putting tolls on roads and we’re sticking to that commitment and to be honest we don’t need it to do what we need to do,” Mr Knoll said.

“The price tag certainly is huge and can I tell you that $5 billion is not anything we’ve put on the table. We know it’s going to be more than the intersections that we’ve already done, but getting to that final price tag is still something that is being worked through. It depends on which options we choose and the style in which we choose that option. The dollar figure is going to be huge.”

David Penberthy: “It could be more than $5 billion?”

Stephan Knoll: “Yeah it could. This is going to be the largest infrastructure project that the state has undertaken and there’s a reason why it’s been left to last because it’s the hardest bit. Its also potentially the bit that’s going to see large benefits unlocked.”