Local Dad Says His Son Had Nightmares Following “Horrific” Rundle Mall Protest

Feb 25, 2020


An Adelaide father says his seven-year-old son “couldn’t sleep at all” after being exposed to graphic images as part of a protest in Rundle Mall on Sunday.

According to the man, activists set up multiple 40-inch TVs in “a large square formation” meaning “you couldn’t really avoid seeing the images they were showing”.

FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy said during Tuesday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“The images they were showing were horrific images. It was live vision of animals being put to death.

“This parent says: ‘I understand their concern about the issue but perhaps handing out pamphlets would be a more appropriate way to raise awareness about these things because that would at least mean I could decide as a parent what is appropriate for my children to see... if this footage was on free to air TV it would be rated at the least PG but from what I saw it would’ve probably got an M.’

“‘I’m 100 per cent sure that the council wouldn’t normally let this sort of footage be shown on any of the screens it operates, so why would they allow these people into the mall at all? … I don’t see why my seven-year-old son should be up having nightmares about it?’

“I think that parent makes a very valid point,” Penbo said.