Local Dad Opens Up About The Possibility Of Colin Humphrys Moving In

Feb 8, 2019


The parent of a 12-year-old boy says his son won’t go outside by himself if convicted paedophile Colin Humphrys is released into the Bowden-Brompton area.

The father told FIVEaa breakfast life has “already changed a bit” since the possibility was reopened this week following developments in Humphrys’ case.

“Unsolicited the words out of my boy’s mouth straight away were ‘I’m not going to ride my bike anymore,’” the man said on Friday. “‘I’m not going to go out in the neighbourhood by myself anymore, not if someone like that is in our neighbourhood.’”

“He’s old enough to understand what a paedophile is… so that was his words straight away. He’s already thinking about what he can’t do now and we as parents are thinking the same thing. We can’t allow him and other children to go out of our sight when this guy’s roaming the neighbourhood.

“Everyone’s saying the same thing. We’re members of the local community garden… everyone’s in the same boat. We can’t believe, one, that we were chosen… that this suburb of all the suburbs was chosen. But having said that… you wouldn’t put this bloke anywhere. You’d leave this guy inside. I wouldn’t wish this on any community.”