Local Council Cops A “Pizzling” Over 5-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Fine

Nov 29, 2019


FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy has asked “why do councils even exist?” after it fined an Adelaide mum for bringing a magician to a fifth birthday party held at Tusmore Park.

The mother was fined $187 by Burnside Council after failing to pay a $465 fee plus deposit for the magician who was performing for 14 children.

Penbo said on Friday:

“This story leads to the ultimate question: why do councils exist? Because you would think that in this supposedly free country we should all have a God-given right to wander down to our local park -- the upkeep of which we fund anyway -- to hold a very small and modest party for our little children…

“What’s the bond for? What are they going to do -- set fire to the grass?

“These people are morons. The LGA should just shut itself down because there’s enough examples of this sort of nonsense that make you ask the existential question: why do they even exist?”