Local Campaign Backfires Following “Stupid” Comments On FIVEaa

Nov 1, 2019


David Penberthy | FIVEaa

The Australian Education Union’s local campaign to secure increased pay and conditions from the state government has “completely backfired” after the union scheduled the Christmas concert at an Adelaide primary school for during business hours.

FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy has blasted comments made to station mate Leon Byner on Thursday by an AEU spokesman who said parents should take time off work if the concert is so important.

Penbo said on Friday:

“Without a doubt it is the most woeful and stupid performance possibly in the entire history of the South Australian union movement… the dumbest thing I have ever heard anybody say.

“We’ve been describing this as the two-pronged charm offensive. First, don’t write any comments on the school report cards… and now ban the evening performance of the Christmas play, reschedule it for 10am, and tell parents that if you actually do want to see your kid dressed up as a shepherd just take an RDO.

“Two things have happened, geniuses at the AEU… this station has had a record number of complaints, off the charts… parents ringing saying these people are an impertinence, they are completely out of line…

“And the other thing that’s happened, the state government is more emboldened now than ever before because they know they’ve lost the public and they are not going to give the members of the AEU another cent.

“Give yourselves a huge pat on the back because your ludicrous tactics have completely backfired and you’ve destroyed your campaign.”