Less Than One Third Of The Millions Donated To The Red Cross Is Going To Bushfire Victims

Jan 23, 2020


The Red Cross is under fire after it revealed only $30 million of the $95 million it has received in donations will make its way to bushfire victims.

Will Goodings said during Thursday’s FIVEaa Breakfast show:

“There’s a view the Red Cross is warehousing the money for future disasters… they’ve admitted it.

“It’s ludicrous. It’s a breach of trust. The long term effect is people say I’m not going to donate.”


"Three important things we promise you.

"(1) All money donated to Disaster Relief and Recovery since July 2019 stays in Australia. It’s going directly to help people affected by the bushfires and any other disasters our country might face in the coming months.

"(2) Right now $30 million is committed to emergency grants for people whose homes have been destroyed, with further funds going to bereavement payments and more financial assistance being planned.

"(3) None of the money donated will sit idle but some of it is needed to support bushfire-affected communities in their recovery over the coming months and years.

"Here’s our plan: www.redcross.org.au/bushfirefunds"