Kochie Says Barnaby Joyce Deserved To Have His Affair Exposed

Feb 13, 2018


Sunrise host David Koch says revelations about deputy PM Barnaby Joyce’s extra-martial affair were in the public interest.

David Koch | FIVEaa

“Here’s a political leader who champions a very strict moral code and values,” Kochie told FIVEaa on Tuesday. “And when he’s seen to be not living up to his own values and moral code I think it does become an interest to the public and the voters because you don’t want hypocrites involved and wanting your vote.”

“I think his electorate, I think voters do need to know if people aren’t living up to their own standards. We don’t want hypocritical politicians or leaders with a façade.

“People have affairs -- that’s up to your own moral compass whether that’s acceptable or not. But when you pretend to be something you’re not, that’s when it crosses the line.

“He’s not the bloke that I thought he was.”