Kochie Has A Crack At Social Media Giant After Shooting Rampage

Feb 10, 2020


Sunrise host and FIVEaa Breakfast regular David Koch says Facebook must use its “invasive” technology “for good rather than just revenue” after a gunman in Thailand used the platform over the weekend.

A rogue solider killed 29 people and wounded 57 after he opened fire in a house before moving to an army camp and then to a mall where he was eventually killed by Thai forces.

According to aljazeera.com the gunman posted updates on Facebook as went.

Kochie told FIVEaa on Monday:

“This is the highest of high tech companies. This is a tech company with a capital T that has technology so sophisticated that it follows our every movement that is all designed to push ads and messages to us based on our habits.

“It’s got the technology that it’s using to earn revenue but it doesn’t use that same technology to take off live feeds of massacres as what happened in Thailand. I reckon they’ve got the deep pockets, they’ve got the know-how, they’ve got the algorithms but it’s being directed in the wrong place -- to earn more money -- when I think it’s got to be directed to stopping these sorts of things happening, particularly after Christchurch you would’ve thought they would’ve learnt.

“It’s the same technology. It can be just as invasive as following everything we do but for good rather than just revenue this time.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook said it removed a short live-streamed video posted by the gunman:

“The video lasted for just seconds and didn’t include violence, the company said. The suspect’s accounts on both Facebook and Instagram have been taken down.”