Jane Reilly Opens Up About Her Harrowing Close Call Overseas

Nov 3, 2017


Jane Reilly has spoken for the first time on FIVEaa about her disturbing run in with Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos on his private boat.

“This happened back in 1974,” Jane said on Friday. “I was in the Philippines for the Miss Asia quest. I was 19 years old.”

“It just so happened that President Marcos took a shine to me and he requested that I be in his company for a couple of formal events.

“I was smart enough to say if I go somewhere on my own with the president I want Miss New Zealand to come with me, who was a friend of mine.


“We ended up on his boat and somehow I end up in his private dining room on my own with him. He’s sitting very, very close to me and he starts to touch me on the leg. I said, if you touch me again I’m going to scream and I’m going to run out of this room.

“He said, miss, if you do that the guard at the door with the gun will shoot you. This is a true story. Absolutely true.

“I couldn’t tell this story for about 20 years because it would stress me out so much.”

“I ended up going to the Australian embassy and saying, I’ve got to get out of here. He then continued to stalk me.

“I’d get phone calls at Channel 10 up until I was about 25-years-old -- he would call me and say he wanted to have a chat.”