Jane Reilly Hit A Big Snag On Her Way Over To London For The Royal Wedding

May 16, 2018


FIVEaa’s David and Will were expecting Jane Reilly to be halfway around the world on her way to London for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big wedding, but instead she was talking to them on the phone from in her bed at her Adelaide home.

What’s going on?!

“I’m actually talking to you from my bed and I’m drinking a cup of tea,” Jane said on Wednesday. “I’m safe and sound at home. I had one of those adventures when you travel and you have to go with the flow.”

“I got down to Adelaide Airport just before 8pm last night, checked in, everyone at Qatar was absolutely fantastic. I had a farewell drink with my partner, went into the waiting area with the other 200-plus passengers who were flying out last night at 10.15pm. Then we kept getting these announcements that there was some technical issue and boarding was delayed.”

Finally it was revealed the plane had a problem with its front landing wheel.

“They handled us all really well,” Jane said.

“Safety is number one. The only thing I’ve taken out of my suitcase is my toothbrush, so I’m going to have the cushiest day today…

“I’m going to do the whole thing again tonight.”

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