It Looks Like SA Is Going To Lose One Of Its Iconic Rail Services

Nov 28, 2019


David Penberthy | FIVEaa

The Overland train service looks set to disappear, reports FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

Penbo said during Thursday’s Breaking @ 8 segment that Victorian government funding that saved the service this year looked unlikely to be made available again.

“It is sounding more and more like it is going to be the official end of the line for the Overland rail service between Melbourne and Adelaide,” he said. “The silence out of Victoria has been notable and lengthy…”

“I spoke to the Victorian public transport minster’s office -- Melissa Horn -- a few weeks back and she said a decision was yet to be made on funding this year and an announcement was expected in around a month…

“We are pretty much at the point where that announcement was expected to be made. Stephan Knoll the [SA] state transport minister said to me that this service has had ‘declining patronage for decades and has required a taxpayer subsidy to remain viable, which we announced would not be continuing…’

“The official line from the SA government is they will not be changing their minds,” Penbo said.

“Brace yourselves, folks. It looks like we are going to lose one of our iconic rail services.”