Here Is The Other Side Of The Adelaide Pub Ban Spat

Mar 14, 2019


An Adelaide man who was banned from the Royal Oak hotel after commenting on a female employee’s shorts had made other remarks to the same woman, including comments on her legs, reports David Penberthy.

Leonard Lee, 72, this week said he was a victim of “#MeToo gone mad” following the ban.

Now Penbo has told FIVEaa Breakfast on Thursday:

“Today in breaking @ 8 we can reveal something of the other side of the story about the young bottle shop assistant who is 50 years Mr Lee’s junior and has found herself at the centre of this dispute.

“I understand that this young woman, who has got the 100 per cent backing of her employer and her colleagues and her family, is regarded as a smart and diligent and likeable employee who has never caused any trouble at work at all.

“She actually has two jobs and is working commendably to put herself through university. She is not a rabble-rouser or a troublemaker who is looking to make a statement. She is apparently deeply upset that all of this has happened and did not want to cause any trouble at all.

“We certainly aren’t accusing Mr Lee of lying but what we are saying is that in this case there are two quite different versions of what occurred at the Royal Oak.

“We understand that the hotel is strongly of the view -- as are others -- that there were other comments that Mr Lee had made that were separate to the shorts remark… and that these other remarks contributed to the young woman’s anger. We’ve been told that he also made a comment previously about her legs and this latest remark was the thin end of the wedge for the young lady.

“We stress that this is a ‘he said, she said’ situation but we believe that from a journalistic perspective it is only fair that the ‘she said’ part gets heard too.”