Health Minister Cancels Media Appearance Following Awkward Interview On FIVEaa Breakfast

Dec 4, 2019


Health Minister Stephen Wade is in “damage control” following an interview on FIVEaa Breakfast in which it became apparent the government had decided on a response to an anti-corruption report before actually reading it.


Following the tense interview on FIVEaa Breakfast regarding an ICAC report in to SA Health, Minister Wade cancelled a scheduled appearance with FIVEaa mornings host Leon Byner.

Will Goodings said during Wednesday’s Breaking @ 8 segment following the interview:

“The interview came unstuck early in the piece when it became unclear when he read the report… what then became even more peculiar was the fact cabinet had clearly decided that a taskforce was required to investigate the findings of the report when no one had actually read the report at that point in time.

“I can tell you in the last 20 minutes Leon Byner’s interview with Stephen Wade, the health minister, slated for 9am this morning has been cancelled. It’s an interview that has been arranged since Monday this week. It’s been booked in for days. In the last 20 minutes Leon’s producer Tammii got a text saying sorry for the late notice, but we’re unable to go ahead with the interview…

“That smacks of being in damage control. The wheels have come off the media strategy.

“This should not have been a bad news story for the state government.”