Fitzy Dropped An ABSOLUTE HOWLER Talking About Barnaby Joyce On FIVEaa Breakfast This Morning

Aug 10, 2018


Was it on purpose or was it an innocent blooper -- decide for yourself…

Speaking with David and Will on Friday’s FIVEaa breakfast show, Ryan Fitzgerald was momentarily side-tracked from his footy tips by an interview he did during the week with Barnaby Joyce.

“You know what, we bag him so much. The one thing that he does have is passion for the bush, you know what I mean.

“Through the drought at the moment that’s the one thing I ask him: have you lost faith in our system? You spend a lot of time in Canberra. You were the deputy Prime Minister, do you get through with that stuff…


“What are you laughing at, you blokes…”

Penbo: “I think Will thought that was some kind of cunning euphemism on your part, mate. Hey we’re going to do the tips now!”