Eddie Betts Talks About Where His Career Is At

Apr 11, 2019


Adelaide Crows star Eddie Betts says he still has some “great footy” left in him after a lacklustre start to the season.

Eddie told FIVEaa Breakfast on Thursday:

“I’m fine. When you’re over 30 and you have a bad game everything is going to be about your age -- ‘You’re coming to an end’.

“But for me personally I feel like I’ve still got some great footy in myself. I’m the fittest I’ve been. It’s going to turn but it’s up to myself to make that turn -- I can’t rely on anyone else.

“I’ve got to go out there and try and get to more contests, put some pressure, get some more inside 50 tackles. When I put the pressure on… everything else comes. The goals will come after that. I guess I’ve just got to keep working on it.”