Eddie Betts Reveals He Was In All Sorts Of Trouble Last Weekend

May 8, 2019


Crows star Eddie Betts says he woke up ill on Sunday and was sick at halftime during Adelaide’s game against Fremantle.

Eddie told FIVEaa Breakfast on Wednesday:

“I was sick actually all morning. I woke up, I had a headache, my guts were turning. There was a virus going around at home.

“I had a massive headache so they were massaging my neck just to try and release that headache. Halftime I went into the rooms. I was fuzzy, spewed up in the change rooms and then saw the doc and then went back out played the second half.

“I got home, I curled up in a little ball. You know how you get the shakes when you’re sick and you need to spew, you just curl up like little ball you get the sweats.

“Thank God that’s over now.”