Dropped Adelaide Star Is A Warning To Other Crows

Apr 12, 2019


Bryce Gibbs’ omission from this week’s Adelaide Crows side is a “brutal” reminder to all players that reputations mean nothing, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

Rowey told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday:

“We thought Don Pyke would make a change or two and he did. Bryce Gibbs out. Did not see that one coming. That is a kerbang!

“It’s a brutal sign to others that reputations mean nothing and it’s a shot across the bow, no question about it.

“A massive, massive selection blow. Unbelievable. Couldn’t see it, didn’t see it…

“What I do like about it is the two ins in cam Cam Ellis-Yolmen and Myles Poholke have been their best performed by far in the SANFL. They’ve got to reward them and they have. I don’t mind that, they’re both great.

“Still no Hugh Greenwood, but I guess it would’ve come down to a Cam Ellis-Yolmen or a Hugh Greenwood. They’ve tipped it that way.”