Dr Defending Cancelled Surgeries Calls Industrial Action A Game

Oct 12, 2017


David and Will have questioned the union president who said Thursday’s cancelled surgeries were a ‘win for patients’.

“Some of them would’ve been waiting for months to get knees fixed, to get hips fixed, and who knows when it’s going to be rescheduled,” Penbo said. “It’s not really a win for them.”

“No, ok I can understand your point there in terms of that,” Dr Laura Willington from the Salaried Medical Officers Association said. “Unfortunately this is the step we’ve had to take to have negotiations progress with the government.”

“Unfortunately we often have to play this game with government, which usually involves having some form of industrial action before we can really get movement on our enterprise agreement, which is disappointing.”

PENBO: “Again, I’d dispute whether the people waiting to get their knees fixed see it as a game.”