David & Will Have Heard A Surprising Whisper About Tim Paine

Dec 6, 2018


There might be a little more to Aussie cricket captain Tim Paine’s youthful good looks than just his job working outdoors, report David and Will.

“We just thought we’d throw this one out there,” Penbo told FIVEaa breakfast on Thursday. “I think this is an interesting marker of how much the male culture of our cricket team has changed.”

“One of our sales staff was sitting next to one of the team managers at this official dinner and she got talking about Tim Paine, the new captain. She said he seems like such a nice guy and she said he’s done remarkably well given how young he is.

“This guy said, he’s not young. And our colleague said, I would’ve thought he was about 24. This bloke said, no, he’s 33. And he said to our colleague, the thing is he has botox. She went what?!

“He said there’s a whole bunch of guys in the team who are often getting an injection here, a lift there, a bit of collagen into the lips and things pulled back and adjusted.”