David & Will Have Their Say On The Video Of Bikie Attacking A Sex Offender In Prison

Nov 5, 2019


Everyone has an opinion about footage that surfaced this week of a Rebels bikie member bashing a child sex offender while he was on remand in the Adelaide Watch House in April…

On Tuesday’s FIVEaa Breakfast show David & Will shared theirs.

Bikie Bradley Daniele posted the video online this week, which shows him attacking Hamzeh Bahrami in the shower.

“I watched the video and I think it’s a natural human instinct when you see violence to recoil,” Will said. “But the next thing I did was I Google Hamzeh Bahrami to reacquaint myself with what the suggestion about this character was.

“He’s plead guilty to a number of accounts of aggravated indecent assault and one count of false imprisonment… a 10-year-old girl was playing on a playground at Blair Athol Reserve at 6pm on 3 April and he lured her into a toilet block and assaulted her -- and very quickly every ounce of sympathy I had watching that video evaporated.”

Meanwhile, Penbo’s thoughts…

“We do not want to become a society where we have mob justice where people take things into their own hands.

“I think the whole thing is so phenomenally unpleasant that the idea of barracking for this bloke as he beats up Bahrami is not a path that I would go down.

“But having said that, I’ll be totally honest, a big part of me watching the start of that video went: ‘You reap what you sow.’”