David & Will Back South Aussie Icon In Stoush With Supermarket Giant

Nov 7, 2019


David Penberthy and Will Goodings | FIVEaa

FIVEaa Breakfast’s David & Will are urging South Aussies to throw their support behind Vili’s after the local favourite was taken off shelves in Coles supermarkets.

The retailer made the decision after Vili’s tried to increase prices by 5 per cent to cover the increasing costs of water and electricity, as well as increased costs of meat and flour associated with drought conditions.

Will Goodings said on Thursday:

“Here’s the beautiful thing for a South Austrian company. We have an incredibly fragmented marketplace of supermarket retailers here because South Australians fundamentally won’t stand for this kind of crap. What happens is we go, oh well, we’ll go to Foodland, we’ll go to Drakes, we’ll go to IGA. Hell, you can go to Woolworths.

“Everyone listening today, if you go to buy a loaf of bread -- whatever you’re doing for your shopping -- go somewhere that sells a Vili’s pastry. Buy one if you can or if not just reward the place that looks after South Australia and South Australian businesses.”

PENBO: “This bloke employees 370 south Australians. He deserves more support than this and we as consumers are in a position to provide him with that support.”