David Penberthy’s Wife REVEALS The Hilarious Fashion Fail That Nearly Ruined Their Marriage

Apr 8, 2019


Outgoing federal member for Adelaide Kate Ellis has revealed her marriage to FIVEaa’s David Penberthy was nearly a non-starter when Penbo made a dubious fashion choice on one of their early dates.

A snippet from an upcoming Conversations with Cornesy episode featuring Kate was mysteriously played on air on Monday where Kate revealed:

“I went to meet him [Penbo] and I remember looking into the bar we were meeting and he was wearing this white suit. I remember thinking, ‘That is hideous. Am I really going to go in?’

“I had this moment, one of those sliding doors moments, where you go is there really any possibility of a future with a bloke that wears a hideous suit like that one?”

Penbo’s FIVEaa Breakfast co-host Will Goodings was very intrigued by Kate’s bombshell.

“This deserves a real inquisition, I reckon. This is my favourite revelation in the history of this program…

“Did you wink at yourself in the mirror when you put it on? Old Kentucky Fried Penberthy over there.”


Penbo said he’d learned his lesson…

"I mainly wore the jacket. The jacket was really good but it came with matching pants and maybe the full ensemble in all its bone-coloured glory was a little bit Richie Benaud. I thought it was working.

“I have thrown it out. I bought it and wore it by accident -- I learned my lesson.”