David Penberthy TAKES AIM Following The Latest Attack On A Police Officer

Jun 5, 2019


FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy has launched a passionate plea for state legislators to “cut the political crap” after sickening vision emerged of an off-duty police officer being bashed in Adelaide’s CBD in 2015.

Penbo called the attack “disgusting and cowardly”.

“There’s clearly some back and forth argy bargy about he push by the Police Association for tougher penalties for people who violently attack police officers…

“The police union is strongly supporting the state opposition’s laws and they’ve had a crack at the government saying its response has been totally inadequate…

“This is one area of public policy that should not be subjected to any of the normal manoeuvrings and grandstanding that you associate with party politics.

“Both sides need to drop all of this nonsense about ‘my legislation is better than your legislation’ and they just need to sit down, ideally by the end of this week, and fix it because the one figure that really matters today is this: police officers attacked 771 times, an average of 15 assaults a week in the 12 months to April 30 this year.

“So cut all the political crap and just sort this out.”