David Penberthy Lashes Out At Drag Queen Event For Kids

May 24, 2019


Drag queens reading books to kids as part of Adelaide’s DreamBIG Children’s Festival is a “dumb” idea, argues David Penberthy.

Penbo told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday:

“I’m totally in favour of equal rights for people regardless of their sexuality…

[But] having said that this strikes me as the well meaning thing that lefties advocate in their own Pollyanna way, completely ignorant of the fact it will rub the average punter up the wrong way.

“If it’s rubbed up someone like me… it will certainly inflame people who are much more socially conservative than me.”

Earlier DreamBIG’s Susannah Sweeney told The Advertiser the reading sessions would “celebrate diversity” and that “drag queens are colourful and cool”.

“Sorry, I could not disagree with that more,” Penbo said. “I just think it’s dumb.”

“The idea that you have a room full of four year olds sitting there listening to Possum Magic being read by a bloke in a dress… I think it’s an absurdity.

“It’s a classic example of people who are obsessed with sophisticated adult concepts imposing it in a completely inappropriate place. If that makes me a bigot I’m a bigot but I think it’s bullshit.”