David Penberthy CALLS OUT Federal MP’s “Stupid” Terror Comments

Nov 12, 2018


FIVEaa breakfast’s David Penberthy has labelled a federal MP “out of step” following comments she made about the Bourke Street terror attack in Melbourne.

“Did you see those stupid comments from Anne Aly the federal Labor MP over the weekend?” Penbo asked co-host Will Goodings on Monday. “She said it’s appalling what Scott Morrison said, trying to turn this into some sort of Islamic thing.”

“Well, tell that to your mate running down Bourke St mall,” Penbo said.

“Translated, ‘Allahu Akbar’ means move along people nothing to see here. The moment these crimes start taking on a different theological hue, sure, let’s accuse people like Scott Morrison of deliberately marginalising one group devoid of fact. But at a time when we’ve gone [Man Haron] Monis, Numan Haider, now this new half-wit, what Morrison said is 100 per cent true.

“If I was Bill Shorten I’d be telling Anne Aly to shut her stupid mouth because she is so out of step with public opinion on this it’s not funny.”