David Koch UNLOADS On Port Adelaide’s Jack Watts

Feb 5, 2019


Port Adelaide chairman David Koch says he is “absolutely ropeable” after footage emerged over the weekend of Jack Watts inhaling powder off the cleavage of a woman at Oktoberfest last year.

“Just the height of stupidity,” Kochie told FIVEaa breakfast on Tuesday. “Yes, it was on holidays, yes, it was at Oktoberfest… and it was a consensual act between two adults, but having said that, putting yourself in that position is utter stupidity.”

“It was simply brainless. We’re not hiding from it. It’s a terrible reflection on not only him but it’s a terrible reflection on the club, the playing group, our members -- we’re embarrassed. For a bloke to do that, it’s inexcusable.”

But Koch said Watts had made significant changes since the footage was taken

“Remember it happened last October. He has made a lot of behaviour changes over the last four or five months…

“I’d absolutely throw the book at him if I had my way. I’ve got to say, this is last October. We have seen since he came back for pre-season a marked difference in his attitude, in his behaviour, which has been terrific.”