David Koch Pulls Apart The “Awkward” Prince Andrew Interview

Nov 18, 2019


Prince Andrew’s television interview about his relationship with late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was “mesmerising” for all the wrong reasons, says David Koch.


Kochie has told FIVEaa Breakfast:

“It was extraordinary. It was absolutely mesmerising for being so awkward… 49 minutes of you just shake your head. It doesn’t pass the pub test. For me the clincher was when he said he was never really a friend of Geoffrey Epstein, he was more friends with Epstein’s girlfriend… but when he decided to break off all contact with him he decided to fly to new york to tell him in person... and then stay the night at his house. I’m thinking that’s a friend, that’s not a plus one. Give me a break.

“When you put Charles what he was doing with Diana and Camilla at that time… I wonder how the queen would feel as a mum with the private lives of those two sons and their respect for women… the queen who is one of the great female historical leaders of our generation but gee her sons have really disgraced her I think…”

“That whole interview went from one bad interview to another."