David Koch Opens Up About Port Adelaide’s Serious Misstep Last Year

Feb 11, 2019


Port Adelaide chairman David Koch says it is “terrific” to have Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG on board as a second major sponsor and admits it was a “big fail” not to secure one last year.

“It’s terrific for the club and really appreciate the support from the Gupta family,” Kochie told FIVEaa breakfast on Monday. “It’s very much community based and that’s what we love about it -- community and family based.

“It’s a really significant thing for the club. We didn’t have a second joint major last year and that was a big fail by us not to do it.

“GFG have come on board and a multi-year deal so it gives some real financial security to the organisation for the next few years.

“We still made an operating profit [in 2018]. We were going to start paying down debt last year and because of that hole we couldn’t pay down debt. Our football program was fully funded. We fully funded all our community programs as promised. The profit was less than expected.”

Kochie also offered an update on where the club is at in its search for a new captain:

“That’ll be coming in the next two weeks, hopefully before the JLT.

“We’ve got to decide on that. What happens is that the football department and the football committee make a recommendation to us as a board, so we’ll wait and see what that recommendation is.”