David And Will’s Heated CLASH Over The SAPOL Officer Who Punched A Suspect

Aug 15, 2019


FIVEaa Breakfast hosts David Penberthy and Will Goodings have clashed on air as SAPOL weighs up whether to charge the officer who punched a suspect in the face after he was spat on.


WILL: “I watched that video 50 times this morning. I don’t know if the force of the strike qualifies as assault, it’s hard to know, I’m sure they’ll assess injuries and what not -- but I think it’s right the police are investigating it.

“The act of the punch of a guy in handcuffs, with two police either side of him, who is already restrained -- it’s not a full bodied spit in the face…

“I would’ve been happy to see that bloke tazed… but the punch these days, everything we say about punching people in the head is you can’t ever do it, that’s what we say… I don’t think we can say we’re going to go with that one because we don’t like the people.”

But Penbo wasn’t so sure…

DAVID: “Seriously? Sorry mate. We sit here in this office in our casual clothing… I refuse to take part in any Monday morning quarterbacking about how cops should behave when they’re being gobbed on after they’ve arrested people who are allegedly in the process of doing completely anti-social things.

“We have got soft hands in our line of work…

“The best way to avoid being punched by the cops is to not break the law and don’t spit on them…”