David And Will Pull The Pin On New Segment After Getting “Some Feedback”

Dec 11, 2019


Admitting that to say they had received some feedback would be an “understatement”, David and Will announce they are bailing out of a new segment that was scheduled to run all week.

Will Goodings said during Wednesday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“We have over the course of the week been running a radio play at 8.20am each morning -- Monday and Tuesday. There would be three to come. This program if nothing else is built on the back of listeners who kind of tell us what to do…

“Sometimes people say I don’t think that was particularly fun or good. You might get one. We got hundreds. It felt as though most of Adelaide had a view on the radio play…

“The upshot of all this is that the radio play’s been kiboshed. Its been axed. It is no more.”

At which point Penbo chimed in:

“The radio play is garbage. That came through emphatically, powerfully yesterday and the day before.

“We’ve got to own this, Will, you and I, because whatever discernible talents we may or may not have they do not include acting in radio plays. We have to wear it…

“The pathetic nature of our acting, and I mean pathetic. We did get hundreds and hundreds of texts saying do not play the radio play ever again.”