David And Will On The Controversial “TV Moment” Of The Year So Far

Feb 5, 2019


David and Will spoke on FIVEaa breakfast about the early top rating “TV moment of the year” when a contestant on Married At First Sight revealed he was a virgin at 29.


“First, so what. How is this anyone else’s business,” Penbo said on Tuesday. “But it worries me a bit particularly given this show is regarded as family viewing… does it create an artificial sense of pressure for young people to think, oh hang on, I guess the clock is clicking for me too. Maybe I should do something about this whole virginity crisis.”

“Does it jar with the idea that you should do the deed when you find someone that’s right for you?

“The level of teasing as well… the male teasing of this bloke, it was hard to watch… most people just know him as ‘the virgin’, they don’t even know his first name.”