David And Will Have Some Mail On The Jack Watts Situation

Feb 4, 2019


Port Adelaide player Jack Watts is fast “running out of lives” after the club released a statement on Sunday in response to vision emerging of Watts inhaling a white powder of a woman’s cleavage at Oktoberfest last year.


On Sunday afternoon the club said:

‘Port Adelaide is aware of a video on social media platforms involving Jack Watts.

‘The club has spoken to Watts about the content within the video.

‘Watts has informed the club that the video was taken at Oktoberfest in Munich last October and the substance featured is “Wiesn Pulver”, a legal substance made up of menthol, sugar and glucose.

‘The AFL is aware of the matter.

‘Based on the information at hand the club will not be making any further comment at this stage.’

But on Monday’s Breaking @ 8 segment on FIVEaa breakfast David Penberthy said there would “be a more serious conversation” between Watts and the club this week.

“I think the key words there may well be ‘at this stage’ because the fact that the club has spoken to Watts abut the content within the video is one thing, and sure… it’s not an illegal substance.

“But our mail is that there is a very strong view down at Alberton that Jack Watts is running out of lives very quickly and there is going to be a more serious conversation with the bloke at the Port Adelaide Football Club.

“For the blandness of that statement from Port that came out yesterday at 10 to 5 there’s much more serious conversations to be had over the coming days.”