David And Will CALL OUT The Handling Of Richard Douglas’ “Retirement”

Aug 23, 2019


Adelaide Crows favourite Richard Douglas “deserved a bit better” following a media appearance to announce his retirement where it became apparent he would be keen to play on elsewhere if the opportunity arises.

FIVEaa Breakfast’s Will Goodings said on Friday:

“He always had a tendency to play well when the side was really struggling. During tough times, Richard Douglas was the shining light. He deserves to get an appropriate send off and play a game this weekend to say goodbye.

“Would’ve been nice if they handled the presser yesterday a little bit better. Suggesting to everyone he’s retired and then, ‘Richard, you’re retiring?’ Well no, not exactly.

“I think Richard Douglas deserved a bit better than that to be frank.”

Co-host David Penberthy agreed:

“Do they think people aren’t going to work that out? Do they think that the media is dumb?”