Council’s Disturbing Message To A Man Who Worries A Car Will Come Through His House

Feb 11, 2019


A resident who lives near the site of a fatal accident on a notorious stretch of road in Andrews Farm has been told by council there will need to be more deaths before anything can be done.

When local man Isaac spoke to FIVEaa breakfast earlier this month he said he believed a fence he reinforced himself was all that saved his family from potential disaster.

FIVEaa’s Will Goodings said on Monday:

“When we spoke to him he outlined that he’d been in contact with the Playford Council to try and get some alteration to the road or something put in place to prevent potential harm to his family. He was a bit flabbergasted because they said he needed to monitor this and give them some hard data.”

“We’ve been in contact with Isaac again… at this juncture nothing has been done. There’s been absolutely no change, no action taken.

“He’s been visited by the safety and maintenance officer from the council who has rather alarmingly suggested to Isaac that for any action to be taken there will need to be more deaths.

“Just think about that for a second. Just one fatality is not enough reason to change things there.”