Cosi Is Sticking By His Controversial FB Post Despite Backlash

Jan 31, 2018


Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello reckons Australia’s codeine ban is bad news for GP waiting rooms.

Cosi copped some online backlash after revealing online that he was “stocking up” ahead of Australia’s over the counter codeine ban.

“When I say stocking up, I mean half a dozen boxes from a couple of different pharmacies,” Cosi told FIVEaa on Wednesday. “My missus, she gets a problem with her wisdom tooth. It flares up once every six weeks or so for a couple of days -- she takes these tablets and it goes away.”

“I don’t want to further burden our medical system here in Australia by further calling the GP, sitting in GP rooms waiting and waiting. The problems it’s going to cause for people who genuinely need this stuff is just going to be ginormous.

“If I want a codeine product I don’t want to take the spot in waiting room over someone else that’s got a really genuine full on enquiry.”