Chester Osborne Just Revealed How Quick It Was To Design The d’Arenberg Cube

Dec 13, 2017


Fourth generation family member and chief d’Arenberg winemaker Chester Osborne says he completed the original design for the d’Arenberg Cube in 20 minutes… 14 years ago.

“It took 20 minutes of just drawing out squares and then drawing lines on them,” Chester told FIVEaa.

“I just kept drawing lines and looking at it and going, hm, we need one that’s a bit more horizontal… and that was it. It took about 20 minutes.”

Initially Chester envisaged a colonial-style expansion for the popular winery.

“One day I woke up about 14 years ago and went, no, we need something people really want to go to, that’s really different, that really captures what d’Arenberg is about.

“I thought, our label names are such a puzzle to work out, wine is such a puzzle to work out, what’s the most iconic puzzle? The Rubik’s Cube. I know! I’ll build a Rubik’s Cube in the middle of the vineyard… that’ll be the d’Arenberg Cube.

“I twisted the top two stories around, I pulled a few blocks out to make it look a bit better… I went, now that looks good. That’s exactly what we did 14 years ago -- we copied it exactly.”