Chad Wingard Cops Some Return Fire After Bagging Out Adelaide

Apr 12, 2019


Former Port Adelaide star turned Hawks recruit Chad Wingard is in the gun back in his hometown after slagging off Adelaide…

In comments made on Melbourne radio, Wingard called Adelaide a “massive fishbowl” where nothing much happens and where media outlets sometimes “make up the news”.


FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy was the first to hit back, regretting the fact Wingard had ever been allowed to wear a Sturt jumper.

“How’s this,” Penbo said, “it is with a somewhat heavy heart, particularly that this man wore -- or perhaps I should use the word now sullied -- the sacred double blue guernsey of the Sturt Football Club before he went over to Port Adelaide and became a star player for the Power. Chad Wingard, he’s now shuffled over the border…

“Now he’s appeared on some fringe radio program in Melbourne where he’s tipped a bucket on his home town, he’s tipped a bucket on Adelaide.”

FIVEaa co-host Will Goodings also jumped in: “Which news was made up specifically because you know what it turned out wasn’t made up: Chad wants to leave Port Adelaide. That one turned out to be accurate.”

Even former teammate Ollie Wines distanced himself when asked about the comments on FIVEaa…

“In terms of that and the media coverage, yeah, I’d probably have to agree at times,” Ollie said.

“In terms of what he was saying about nothing happening -- I don’t know if he meant that in terms of in the news or what or just in general to do stuff in Adelaide. I disagree with that. There’s plenty to do.”