Casey Treloar Talks About What Will Happen To Her Family’s Cows Now

Feb 12, 2019


The daughter of a local farmer who’s video about selling the family dairy went viral this week says some of their cows will now probably “be headed to the meatworks”.

“The cows are on the market now,” Casey told FIVEaa breakfast on Tuesday. “We’re out there looking for buyers.”

“We’re trying to sell our top end cows to hopefully another herd that might be able to keep breeding on… but as for the bottom end we’re not sure where they’re going to go.

“For all we know they are probably going to be headed to the meatworks.”

Casey said she would be happy if the awareness raised by her emotional video helped save other dairies.

“It’s something I’ve been passionate about my whole life,” she said. “To be honest it’s part of the reason why I did get into media in the hope that I could potentially one day be a bit of a voice -- and maybe I’ve found that here now.”

“If I can potentially save some other families like ours from going under then I’d say I’ve done an ok job.”