Calls For Labor To Quit “Nitpicking” Over GM Crops

Dec 3, 2019


SA Labor are “nitpicking” over a Liberal government plan to lift the ban on genetically modified crops after Tom Koutsantonis suggested Labor wouldn’t be rushed into supporting new laws, says FIVEaa's David Penberthy.

Following news Liberals would this week introduce legislation to overturn the GM ban, Mr Koutsantonis tweeted:

Convention & practice in the Parliament is all Govt legislation introduced sits on the “table” for at least 10 days or 2 sitting weeks. This allows all MP’s to consult & be briefed on Legislation.

If @TimWhetstoneMP attempts to proceed they will be breaking decades of practice.

Manager of Govt Business @JohnGardnerMP gave me his word at the beginning of the term that the Govt would always allow at least 2 sitting weeks or 10 days for the Opposition to consult w/ stakeholders, research & be briefed on Govt Legislation.

It is a long standing practice.

FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy said on Tuesday Labor were in danger of “nitpicking about the process... rather than the content of the legislation”

“You can’t have it both ways,” he said. “You can’t say on an issue like climate change the science is in… when at the same time every respected scientist in South Australia… says that there are no dangers [with GM crops].

“At some point the Labor party is going to have to actually front up to the issue itself rather than quibbling about the process and to this point we haven’t heard any clarity from Peter Malinauskas on this issue where do you actually stand.”