Big Changes Are Afoot At The Adelaide Crows

Jul 29, 2019


A promise made by senior Adelaide Crows officials to win back the trust and respect of players at the end of the bungled 2018 season has gone unfulfilled as “residual scars” at the club now threaten to open up again, according to a report.

Stephen Rowe told FIVEaa Breakfast on Monday:

“I’ve received phone calls over the weekend from a broad cross-section of the club -- players and officials. All of them have said the residual scars from 2018 are real… residual scars from management from 2018. They are real.

“Key management promised to earn back players trust the respect and change behaviours that would create a different environment. Put simply, they haven’t. I talk of senior coach Don Pyke and football manager Brett Burton predominantly, nothing’s changed.

“The faith in the football program -- from not all players -- is out the door. This is what happens I think, and we go all the way back to the end of last year, when you review yourselves. The club needs an independent external review.

“This is a top down problem, it’s not bottom up. It’s not a players up problem, this is a top down problem. It’s into its second year. Making the eight from here, winning a final from here, is irrelevant.

“Make no mistake, change is afoot. The wheels of change are in motion. I think there’s a lack of trust and hope in the club’s direction -- [Pyke] as coach and Brett Burton as footy manager -- I think the PPT, the list manager, this is a whole of club problem.

“To be brutally honest, you could just see this day coming.

“The fans are angry. They want answers. Over to the board, for me.”