Big Blue On FIVEaa Breakfast About Women Playing AFL Footy

Nov 27, 2019


Stephen Rowe has clashed with FIVEaa Breakfast hosts David and Will after Rowey said “girls aren’t designed to play AFL” following Chelsea Randall’s shocking injury on Tuesday.

Rowey said on Wednesday:

“The big news yesterday, Crows AFLW co-captain Chelsea Randall tore her ACL at Crows first training session -- she’s out for a year.

“That makes it four ACLs for the Crows since March.

“I’m telling you girls just aren’t designed to play AFL.”

Will Goodings wasn’t so sure...

“If you want to make that case you’re saying that girls shouldn’t play sport,” he said. “I’ve spoken to a physio about this. Women do ACLs at a higher rate than men on the basis of how weight’s distributed.

“Wider pelvises means the weight’s not distributed through the knees as evenly as in men, so that means in all sports -- the risks are the same across all sports. Also men have a physiological issue with Achilles and problems like that.”

ROWEY: “I knew I’d say this and people would jump on me. I’ve spoken to doctors -- you’re right, they have a wider pelvis, it bows their legs, it makes them naturally nine times more likely to do a knee injury in AFL.

“They’re the early facts. I’m saying as a dad of two girls, someone that’s done an ACL playing football, I’d be steering my girls away 100mph from AFL… it’s a health and safety issue.”