Aussie Podcast Prompts Fresh Investigation Into Unsolved Murder

Sep 14, 2018


David and Will speak with Hedley Thomas whose ‘Teacher’s Pet’ podcast helped uncover new info abut the disappearance of Lyn Dawson from Sydney in 1982.

The podcast has clocked more than 19 million listens in four months and this week police began a new forensic dig at the Bayview home Lyn lived in with her former husband Chris Dawson.

“The police were still working on it,” Hedley told FIVEaa. “It was still a case of significance interest to the police.”

“But the podcast episodes and the public response from witnesses and people who knew Lyn and Chris and who’ve carried secrets for years that’s helped a lot too.

“I’ve been able to share with the police a lot of new leads which have been important and I think the police and the DPP have new evidence.”

Two separate inquests have previously found Lyn was murdered by someone known to her. Chris Dawson has been a long-time suspect in the disappearance of his ex-wife, but he denies any involvement.