Attorney-General Reacts To Decision To Release Convicted Paedophile

Mar 12, 2019


Attorney-General Vickie Chapman is calling for calm after three Supreme Court justices approved the release of an apparently unrepentant paedophile.

According to a report in The Advertiser, two psychiatrists have stated Paul William Thomas is at “high-risk’’ of reoffending because he has not yet completed a sex offenders rehabilitation program.

Ms Chapman told FIVEaa Breakfast on Tuesday:

“We’re obviously looking at the appeal process, that’s something we do have to look. Obviously we have time to do that… that is a matter which is under consideration.

“If there are terms and conditions that are set on a supervised release then obviously they would be very stringent. That was implicit in the judgement…

“Nevertheless what we don’t want to see is a situation where the public are alarmed or that they’re frightened… we certainly don’t want to see any vigilante behaviour because that’s dangerous.”