Apparently Retirees Have Been Getting “Completely Hammered” At Friday Night Drinks

Nov 9, 2018


Reports of residents getting “blotto” at retirement village social events have surfaced following a controversial booze ban, says David Penberthy.

This week residents at Lifestyle SA villages were told they could no longer sell food and drink at get togethers.

“Apparently there have been some instances where the elderly folks have been getting completely hammered and been found bum up in the rose bushes after Friday night drinks,” Penbo said on Friday’s FIVEaa breakfast show.

“I suppose if you are managing these facilities where a lot of people are infirm and not mobile and you’ve got to go around with the gardening cart at 7pm on a Friday piling people back into the truck and herding them off to bed it could become a bit of a logistical exercise.

“I don’t know how widespread that is but apparently there have been cases where elderly residents have been getting pretty blotto at these events.”